Gifted Children


Gifted Children


EPISODE 38 Tue 13 Nov
What happens when a kid is labelled gifted and are we doing enough to help them reach their potential?

Meet The Guests


“I was constantly bored in class and teachers would often get angry at me for not paying attention … and in my mind I was thinking, well, you’re not teaching me anything.”

Cherry Huang

“I was trying to prove that she wasn’t pushed, she wasn’t hot-housed, she wasn’t coached.”

Anna Ritzema

“He was struggling to get humour with his friends. He wasn’t really enjoying the fart and poo jokes, but he found word play funny.”

Sarah Carroll

“When he got a twice exceptional diagnosis I didn’t find that frightening, I actually felt vindicated. [I’d] throw it at people because I was like, this is what we’ve been saying for years.”