Going Shopping


Going Shopping


Where do you do your shopping? Do you have any choice?

Meet The Guests

Craig Emerson

Mr Emerson is the Federal Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs and Minister for Small Business and the federal member for Rankin in Queensland.

Nick Stace

Nick Stace is the CEO of Choice, an independent group that provides information for Australian consumers on products and services. Prior to his role with Choice, Nick was deputy CEO of UK consumer watchdog Which? and was also a Special Advisor to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on strategic communication.

Graeme Samuel

Mr Samuel has been the Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) since July 2003.He led the 2008 Grocery Inquiry into the competitiveness of retail prices for standard groceries.

Lee Gray

Lee is a partner in a small business, which started manufacturing the old fashioned dessert, Junket, after it was taken off supermarket shelves. Lee says that they receive hundreds of emails from consumers who want Junket back.

Paul Medieros

Paul is owner of Eden’s Landing Fruit & Vegies store in Mullumbimby, NSW.He is part of a community action group trying to stop Woolworths opening a supermarket in town.

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