It's the hottest word around –- GREED .

Meet The Guests

Siobhan Healey

Siobhan Healey is 23-year-old retail worker with a passion for buying makeup. She has maxed out two credit cards and is now $26,000 in debt after an overseas holiday.

Michael Traill

Michael Traill is a former Macquarie Bank Executive. He now heads up the philanthropic organisation Social Ventures Australia.

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff is president of the US brokerage firm Euro Pacific Capital. He is a well known financial commentator in America and author of Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse.

Lindsay Tanner

Lindsay Tanner is the Federal Minister for Finance and Deregulation. He has been a member of the Australian Labor Party for more than 30 years and was elected to the Federal Parliament in 1993.

Anthony Bell

Anthony Bell is CEO of the successful accounting firm Bell Partners. He was recently named in BRW’s young rich list.

Yves Smith

Yves Smith currently heads Aurora Advisors, a New York-based financial services firm. She is well known for her popular financial blog Prior to this Yves worked for Goldman Sachs Sumitomo Bank, and McKinsey & Co.

Fiona Allon

Fiona Allon is an author and commentator. Her recent book Renovation Nation explores how Australians have become obsessed with real estate and owning bigger and better houses.

Saul Eslake

Saul Eslake is the Chief Economist with ANZ. He is also part of the National Housing Supply Council, an initiative of the Labor Government to report on the current supply of housing and affordability. Saul also spent seven years as the non-executive director of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute.

Luke Gilford

Luke Gilford is a Gold Coast mortgage broker and property developer. He believes that greed is good.