Growing Up In Isolation


Growing Up In Isolation


EPISODE 25 Tue 31 Jul
What's it like to grow up in isolation?

Meet The Guests

Tara Westover

"My dad had some paranoid ideas about the government so we didn't go to school and we never went to the doctor and I didn't have a birth certificate until I was nine years old."

Emma Gingerich

"We weren't allowed to ride in cars or drive cars, weren't allowed to have radios, no indoor plumbing … and we weren't allowed to have much contact with the outside world."

Ben Shenton

"We were very disconnected … to the point where any conversations I had with anyone outside of the cult I would check what I said at the end of every day ... to make sure I hadn't said anything that would alert them that there was anything untoward going on."

Chris Long

"I never felt that I was missing out on anything. We knew what was out in the rest of the world."

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