EPISODE 9 Tue 5 Apr
How much control do we have over guns in Australia?

Meet The Guests

John Howard

Former Prime Minister, Australia
“Sometimes you don’t have any alternative but to bring in a blanket law that catches the innocent and the responsible as well as the venal, and you have to be willing to do that.” 

Carol Loughton

Port Arthur survivor
“I thought to myself, we’re going to die here. This is where I die now, this is it.” 

Robert Brown

Shooters and Fishers Party MLC (NSW)
“Even though I'm here advocating for firearms, I do it out of a genuine belief that the laws that were created under the National Firearms Agreement in all of the states in Australia, at that time, weren't well structured.  I don't think they were properly done.”

Justin Noble

Port Arthur survivor, former police officer
“I knew the gun but I didn't know the potential of the individual … straight away it was kicking in and moving people offsite, evacuating people. I was running around yelling at people to get out of the sight and hide in the bush.”

Alpha Cheng

“My dad often joked that he worked in the safest building in Sydney. So I guess there's some real dark irony there, but then it shows that it was never something that we were concerned about and part of that is because of the policies the Howard government brought in.” 

Graham Park

“Instead of a consultative way, they took an approach where they effectively started to demonise firearm owners, to attack them as if they were the problem. When you're using something every day in your job or recreationally, and someone starts treating you like a potential murderer, you naturally take offence. “

David Shoebridge

Greens Party MLC (NSW)
“What we saw was a moment of political courage and principle. I'm a Greens MP and there's not much that I agree with John Howard … But what we actually saw then was a political leader doing what they're paid to do.”

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