EPISODE 32 Tue 22 Sep
Almost everyone has experienced it... some of us are culpable in causing it... so how do you better move on from it?

Meet The Guests

Billie-Rose Crane

"I just got this incredible sick feeling in my stomach and pain and I cried, but I like howled and kind of went almost into a foetal position." 

Mark Seeto

"It’s just gut wrenching I felt seasick without being seasick, it’s the same sort of feeling." 

James Brechney

"I've dated many, many men and I’ve mainly been the dumper."

George Paxino

Neuroscientist: "We cannot direct love, We have no freedom, there is no choice. In fact there is no free will."

Nicole Vincent

Neuroethicist: "When you break up, some of the things that you end up experiencing are not dissimilar to withdrawal from drugs and drug addiction."

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