HIV Positive


HIV Positive


EPISODE 7 Tue 2 Apr
The profile of Australians at risk of getting HIV is changing, with diagnoses of heterosexuals and some minority groups increasing. These new vulnerable groups are also less likely to get tested or receive early treatment. Why are transmissions in some groups rising, and what can we do about it?

Meet The Guests

Dianne Nyoni

“I was so sick I could barely walk … all these GP's told me it’s just a chest infection. I actually even started thinking I was a hypochondriac, which is kind of ironic because I was literally on my deathbed.”


“You use condoms or you talk about: ‘have you been tested recently?’ … and then you realise that people aren’t actually getting tested as regular as they say.”

Cath Smith

“HIV was on my radar, but I didn’t think I was at risk in that relationship … because I’m a heterosexual female.”

Jimmy Chen

“I was quite shocked, because I test regularly … it was very overwhelming, I just never thought it could happen to me.”

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