EPISODE 23 Tue 12 Jul
Why do we attach meaning to stuff?

Meet The Guests

Moira Macmillan

"I am ashamed. I am really ashamed of it and it is also a health risk to other people."

Stewart Purdie

"It’s like when you have a new baby and it’s the most precious thing in the world. My stuff is like that to  me. It’s mine, I can repair it and look after it."

Professor Randy Frost

"Anything that is owned by someone who suffers from hoarding disorder feel like it’s part of them. To get rid of it feels like you’re cutting off your arm."

Mercy Splitt, Hoarding and Squalor Manager

"It’s estimated there’s approximately 600,000 people in Australia affected by hoarding. That’s only an estimation because it is such a secretive act."

Giovanna Walker

"I was genetically cursed because I had both parents that were chronic hoarders."

Mick Fett*

"I call it super-collecting. It’s probably borderline collecting and hoarding but I’m actually proud of what I have."

Brooke McAlary

"As I let go of stuff I became aware of the fact that I felt lighter and happier and more in control."

Judy Nicholas

"I don’t think I’ll be cured I think I have come a long way in twelve years of de-cluttering but I’ve lost my husband in the meantime."

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