Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home


EPISODE 19 Tue 23 Jun
Who are the hidden homeless?

Meet The Guests

Peter Mullaly

"I was a functioning person, I'd been through the Royal Military College, I probably had a lot of pride and ego still in me which probably led to hiding (that I was living in a tent)."

Penny Leemhuis

"There's 600,000 women 45 and over who are or who at risk of homelessness ... I would never have considered myself ever have been in this position."

Tim Gray

"I work at Woolies. Early on, I didn’t tell anyone that I’d had that lifestyle, being homeless."

Will Ward

"We've lived out of a suitcase for the last eight months, you just don't feel part of anything anymore."

Kasy Chambers

CEO Anglicare Australia: "We do a rental survey every year. For someone on NewStart, there was (only) one property that was affordable in all the capital cities put together out of 65,600 properties and it turned out that that was sofa in a share house."

Gavin Smith

President of Robert Bosch Australia: "So for me homelessness was completely invisible. I had no understanding of it, no perspective at all."