How to Exercise


How to Exercise


EPISODE 20 Tue 26 Jun
What’s the best way to get fit and healthy?

Meet The Guests

Dr Michael Mosley

"The reality is I force myself out there, I sweat a lot and never at any point do I say 'boy, this [exercise] is enjoyable.' I quite like the moment when I stop."

Ishan Joshi

"I think up until now I've just been thinking, just been relying on the youth to take care of [my fitness]. But I know at some point, which would be very soon, I think I need to start to pick it up."

Salvina Fagone

"I have been overweight most of my life and to go to a gym, I've had several memberships ... to achieve fitness and weight loss seems unattainable for me."

Prof. Tim Olds

"Over 50 per cent of adults say they're meeting the [exercise] guidelines … but when you measure them using devices like fitbits, it comes out at much, much less - perhaps 10 per cent actually meet it."