Impossible Choices


Impossible Choices


EPISODE 12 Tue 21 Apr
A hostage negotiator with 30 lives at stake. Parents struggling to make “a deal with the devil”. A police officer, sexually abused by a relative. And families faced with life-changing medical decisions. We hear from people who’ve found themselves in impossible situations, facing agonising choices you’ll never want to make.

Meet The Guests

Kelly Humphries

“[Mum] turned around to me and said, ‘Has your uncle ever touched you?’ And I froze, I was scared, and I could just feel my heart racing and my palms were just sweating.”

Mark Leveson

“[Matt] was laying face up so this bastard’s thrown dirt on his dead face and to think Matt was laying there like that … I’m more confident we’ve done the right thing to bring him home.”

Kylie Pratt

“I think if we hadn't made the decision to amputate, she wouldn't have done everything that she's accomplished already. She's just amazing.”

Steve York

“It's still raw, it's still there. It's something that the police and other emergency services have to deal with … The ghosts come back occasionally.”