EPISODE 31 Tue 18 Sep
Insight finds out how Intersex people navigate life and the medical system.

Meet The Guests

Alex David

“What I've been told by my parents…the doctors just had not a clue whether I was a boy or girl.”

Phoebe Hart

“I always felt like there were things about me that other people knew about that I knew nothing about and I felt like a bit of an alien to be honest.”


“I spoke to many other parents who had children with CAH (Congenital adrenal hyperplasia can involve the over or under production of sex steroids and symptoms can include ambiguous genitalia) and also parents of children who had grown as women and had matured and had had surgery at a young age. And the decision that my husband and I made was that this was something that we would go ahead with.”

Prof. Sonia Grover

“The decisions that were made thirty, forty, fifty years ago are quite different to the decisions that are made these days and we understand things much better now.”