Is The Gut The Key To Health?


Is The Gut The Key To Health?


EPISODE 5 Wed 14 Mar
The ground-breaking science and personal stories around the gut’s potential to change our lives.

Meet The Guests

Dr Michael Mosley

“They’ve done some interesting studies where they get people to swap diets and they take poo samples, and they find out that if you switch from a classic western diet, which is high in fat and sugar, to one which is high in fibre, then quite rapidly you see a change in the microbiome.”

Dr Sam Costello

“So there are four studies now looking at ulcerative colitis and induction of remission, and overall, there is evidence that you can induce remission with faecal transplants.”

Simone Langshaw

"The FMT [faecal microbiota transplant] was nearly I guess instantaneous. He came out of surgery and probably within twenty four hours we had a new child." 

Kate Clay

“I have been trying to lose weight and I’ve been trying to add bacteria to my gut. I have been making kombucha and kimchi.”