Junior Doctors' Mental Health


Junior Doctors' Mental Health


EPISODE 19 Tue 20 Jun
Why are rates of mental illness so high among junior doctors and nurses?

Meet The Guests

Dr Karla

“I explained that I really needed to take time off, that I was tired and I felt that I just couldn't keep going the following year. I was advised not to take the year off ... I was told it would be career suicide.”

Dr Lizzy

“You just have this ingrained fatigue. It wears you down quite a bit to not get enough food into you, not enough water, not enough sleep at night and back there again.”

Dr Arghya

“When we select for medicine, I think we should go into knowing that these things are going to happen … it's a lifestyle choice you've made, you're very accomplished, you could do something else at any point in your career if you really put your mind to it.” 

Dr Jovan

“Even though I was in a supportive environment I didn't actually use the words 'burn out' with my supervisors.  I just said, 'Look, I'm not ready to progress, I just need to take some time off'.”