Keeping Secrets


Keeping Secrets


EPISODE 12 Tue 5 May
"I knew there was going to be a murder and I couldn't do anything about it." - Marisa Merico

Meet The Guests

Kooshyar Karimi

"I couldn't share with anyone, which was very painful … keeping such a faithful secret, something that can endanger your life."

Beccy Cole

Singer-songwriter: "I've always preferred to waltz with Matilda ... you know, they say about country music it's three chords and the truth."

Nathan Charles

Australian rugby union player: "And I got up to say something and before I could say anything I just sort of, overcome with emotions and I actually started crying in front of, you know, thirty odd over-sized adults in the room."

Marisa Merico

"I knew there was going to be a murder and I couldn't tell anyone about it ... I think everybody has skeletons in the cupboard, don't they?"

Theo Tsipiras

Jenny Brockie: "Now your family don't know ... is that right?"Theo: "No"Jenny: "Well they do now."Theo: "They will, yeah."

George Skoufis

"It's a very tiring way to live."

Frank Warren

Creator of PostSecret, a mail art blog project: "A secret is something you keep but secrets are sometimes keeping us."

Bruce Stevens

Forensic Psychologist: "There is a burden of keeping secrets. Shakespeare said give grief words. So we need to be able to get the poison out sometimes."