Keeping Weight Off


Keeping Weight Off


EPISODE 7 Tue 17 Mar
It’s one thing to lose weight - and there’s no shortage of diet and exercise regimes on the market to help us do that. But if we want to enjoy the long term health benefits of weight loss, we have to be able to keep it off.

Meet The Guests

Michelle Bridges

“I've worked with enough people now to understand profoundly that the human body moves pretty quickly.  It can react very well to whatever it is that you give it, but it's the mind that takes a long time to catch up.”

Cathy Sheargold

“I don't buy the whole I'm biologically destined to be a certain weight. I don't buy that because my weight is very much a reflections of my actions.”

Craig Booby

“I was so focused on that time and it all happened so quickly… I lost 80 kilos in six months, that I didn't stop and take a breath and see myself changing.”

Libby Oakes-Ash

“I used to find it easier when I just worked really hard at losing the weight before surgery, now I feel like my body is actually fighting me to lose the weight that I now need to lose again.”