Life After Elite Sport


Life After Elite Sport


EPISODE 9 Tue 11 Apr
Nonetheless, the public nature of their lives makes struggling with change and transition a unique challenge for our sporting heroes. This week on Insight, champions come together to share laughs, tears, and their stories.

Meet The Guests

Lauren Jackson

“Without [my parents] I hate to think what would have happened.”

Barry Hall

“I used to do three extra [training] sessions a week … just to get a mental edge that I thought I could gain. Once that was gone, I was finished.”

Libby Trickett

“As athletes … we have our routine set. And then when you get into retirement … you have to make your own routine and that’s something that was so foreign to me." 

Matthew Mitcham

“My self-worth ended up being reflected in the judges’ sores. If I got an eight, they liked me. If I got a nine, they really liked me. And if I got a ten, I was perfect.”

Jana Pittman

“I can’t let go because that elusive gold medal never happened.”

PJ Marsh

"My Plan B and C and D was all the same. It was Plan A: Playing in the Winfield Cup." 

Jake Edwards

"[My goal was to play] a hundred games of AFL, because anything below that was a fail. Just given the fact of my dad and everyone before me had played a hundred games."

Justin Clarke

"One second I was a footballer and loving it and that was where I wanted to be and next thing, bang, I was completely out."