Life Changing Injuries


Life Changing Injuries


EPISODE 29 Tue 4 Sep
How do you turn your life around after a catastrophic injury?

Meet The Guests

Sam Bloom

“I was just angry … that everything I loved was essentially taken away from me… I said to Cam [my husband] quite a few times, ‘I wish I’d died'."

Louise Ellery

“I hated being disabled and it sucks but I’ve got to make the most of it … So the drive for me is to do what I can while I can because life can just be turned like that, or gone.”

Jaimen Hudson

“I promise you, I don’t ever wake up and think … ‘I wish I could walk’. I now am just living my life. And I live a good life.”

Darryl O'Callaghan

“The first recollection I have is being on my hands and knees on the road … I remember I was suffocating, I couldn’t breathe and I kept telling him to take my helmet off.”