Looking After the Kids


Looking After the Kids


EPISODE 11 Tue 19 Apr
What’s in the best interest for Aboriginal kids at risk?

Meet The Guests


“If you want your children to come and live with you, you need to step up your game and you need to start taking responsibility.”


“I’ve pretty much stayed in the family and I’ve known all my family my whole life, my whole culture. I love all of it.”

Sean and Cameron

Sean: “When I’m stable enough and I’m ready enough, that I can look after kids and keep my kids, that’s when I know I’ll have kids”

Rita Wright

“We worked like slaves, we got hidings, we were abused, we had to call them Mum and Dad. They were missionaries. I ran away at the age of 15 because I had enough of everything.”


“Maybe if my Mum didn’t live amongst all family and maybe if she would have moved out, just made a better future for her kids, it would have been alright.”

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