Love Transformed


Love Transformed


EPISODE 5 Tue 8 Mar
What is it like to be the loved one of someone who comes out as transgender?

Meet The Guests

Josh Hewitt

"To me this is a friend of mine, we’re very good friends but that’s it. I don’t have a father anymore."

Karen Hewitt

"Do I feel guilty? In a way I do but Josh is better having me than nobody."

Lauren Birch

"I love Toby for who he is, not the gender that he is, if that makes sense."

Toby Harrap

"I was a mess of a woman and now I’m a really well together man."

Danielle MacKenzie

"I'd lost my wife, I wasn't allowed to talk about her… I wasn't allowed to discuss my grief."

Sharon Swiatlo

”I only had one child and I only wanted a girl. I was adamant I wanted a girl. Well, I got both.”

Mandy Crouch

"There was nobody willing to listen to how I felt."

Kerry and Peta Haywood

Kerry: "You're living with that partner that's ..." | Peta: " ... the corpse still walking around the house." | Kerry: "Yes, in high heels." 

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