Does true love need a helping hand or should we leave it to serendipity?

Meet The Guests

Dipak Mankodi

"It’s not just the wedding or the marriage of two individuals, it is the wedding or marriage of two families and two extended families as well."

Cara Suttner

"This is what we live for and it gives us a rush… we believe one match is two halves of a whole, so there has to be someone out there for them."

Wendy Daoud El-Khoury

"It is quite a cultural thing to try and push people along to get married… (but) I don’t actually tell my friends that I’m matching them up."

Will Davies

"I used to go to weddings… sitting next to a single person you’d say, ‘gee you’re definitely settable-uppable'."

Kate Trumbull

"I had a strong stigma against it… (but) I think other people can often see things about you… that you don’t recognise."

Linda Prescott

"I said, you want Angelina Jolie, but you're not Brad Pitt..."

Sharif Corinaldi

“Online dating… it’s a brutal, brutal sweaty jungle of a meat market.” 

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