Mental Health at Work


Mental Health at Work


EPISODE 13 Tue 9 May
How is mental illness managed in the workplace?

Meet The Guests

Dave Westgate

“You can get your career killed by kindness … people go, 'Well, we won’t put Dave on the next big pitch' or whatever because it might be too much pressure for him.”

Carol Scherret

“My legs go from underneath me and I have to sit down and have a cry … I don’t cope at all when things are very conflictual.”

John McCormack

“I just had no idea what I was feeling, what I was thinking and I was having thoughts of driving the ambulance off the side of the road.”

Nick Souter

“I think any form of mental illness is stigmatised. I didn’t want people to call into question my competence or ability or resilience to just survive in that sort of corporate environment.”

Alex Grayson, Lawyer - Maurice Blackburn

“If reasonable adjustments have been made, and if ultimately they can’t fulfill the inherent requirements of the job, they may be dismissed.”

Dominic Morgan, Commissioner - NSW Ambulance

“We have a number of people who have a different mental health issues that absolutely do their job day in, day out and no-one would know.”

Andrew Campbell

“Because our industry is so high risk, the last thing we want is someone that’s not doing well that day and going to a high risk job and dies because of it.”