Mind versus Body


Mind versus Body


EPISODE 32 Tue 13 Sep
Can we think ourselves sick?

Meet The Guests

Stephanie Huynh

“If I was to suddenly step out and get hit by a car, I think I'm okay with that. But if someone told me oh, you've got degenerative liver disease or ... you're going to die in like two years or two months, I think that would be the end of me really.”

Jean Flynn

“I thought I had kidney disease, I didn't have that. I thought I had a brain tumour, didn't have that. I've been tested for, I thought I had a prolapse of the uterus, didn't have that.” 

Dr Alex Lehn, Neurologist

"We see how the mind can make you sick and that you can't separate the mind and body as much as we used to think."  

Kimberlee Allen

"I don't cry when you should cry and when someone made me angry I wouldn't get angry, I'd just allow it and let it go through and unfortunately that was the part that was doing most of the damage.”

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