Minority Report


Minority Report


EPISODE 30 Tue 30 Aug
Who gave a major boost to the minor parties in this election and why?

Meet The Guests

Bill Hunt

“I'm hoping that what will happen is that the major parties will lose their smug self-complacency and their sense of entitlement and start listening to we, the people.”

Rod Caddies

“I can stand in front of someone for ten seconds and really feel something off [them]. You can go, they're definitely not interested in what I've got to say and that's what I feel with a lot of politicians in the mainstream.”

Irene Trewarne

“Derryn Hinch was prepared to put his liberty on the line by going to jail and I think that’s the kind of commitment that we don’t see in mainstream leaders.”

Viki Hannah

“I think they behave like children but that’s what I expect from them and this isn’t new. Dirty politics, those two words go together.”

Caileb Eder

“I’m voting for whoever seems more authentic and puts the people first. Whether that be a minor or major party is indifferent.”

Harriet Galagher

“It started on the 14th of September last year, Jenny, the day that Malcolm Turnbull stabbed Tony Abbott in the back. I was absolutely horrified that our conservative party would behave in this way.”

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