Missing Persons


Missing Persons


EPISODE 30 Tue 12 Sep
How do you deal with the unanswered questions when someone you love goes missing?

Meet The Guests

Sasoon Simonian

"I’m trying to focus on what we do know and what we can control, and basically accept the unknown."

Massis Simonian

“Every time when I come home, I just sit at front of the house, I wait at least ten minutes before I open my door…because he’s not there.”

Catherine McDougall

“Like every time there’s another body found I keep thinking maybe it’s Chantelle, maybe we’ll find something out, and then it's happened so many times now, it is just so hard.”

Bree Rooney

“I don’t want him to be dead...but as a family we did want resolution. After seven years you do get to a point where...I didn’t want to live like this anymore.”

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