Mothers Who Leave


Mothers Who Leave


EPISODE 18 Tue 7 Jun
Why do some mothers leave their children?

Meet The Guests

Kristal Kinsela

"I wake up every day and I think to myself, have I done the right thing? I worry what people think of me as a woman and as a mother."

Mazuin Claude

"I didn't want to cause them any harm. I felt like I was actually going to ruin their childhood if I had stayed with them any longer."

Melissa Collins

"I think I left for me. And that plagues me, I still deal with the grief and guilt on that."

Richard Glover

"My mother ran off with my English teacher who she met at parent/teacher interview, which somehow makes it worse."

Teigan Reid

"It was just easier to say that she had passed away because it was easier than explaining that she had left."

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