Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple Sclerosis


EPISODE 26 Tue 20 Aug
Multiple Sclerosis is dubbed an invisible illness. It mostly affects women and is commonly diagnosed when people are in their twenties or thirties. This week’s Insight explores what it’s like to live with MS, what causes it, how effective are modern treatments and how close is a cure?

Meet The Guests

Sophie Holloway

“I hoped it was a stroke because my sister had MS… I remember praying, ‘please, please be a stroke'.”

Luvinia Vaughan

“I got a lot of ‘is it contagious?’ … People were wary of hanging around with me because they thought I was contagious.” 

Zoe Verenas

“I’d done the MS Readathon but... I didn’t know that there was no cure. My question was ‘what does this mean for me long term?’”

Aaron O’Halloran

“(MS has affected me) in every way, everything I do. I can’t stand up anymore, I have to shower on a seat. I can’t do what I used to do.”