Next Gen Farmers


Next Gen Farmers


EPISODE 32 Tue 25 Sep
How does the next generation plan to make a go of life on the land?

Meet The Guests

Maddy Coleman

"It's definitely been challenging, buying property in August '16, and going into two years of a very dry time, but I've pretty much completely destocked now."

Tom Sandow

"I was told when I was at school that if you want opportunity you head north and west, if you want lifestyle you go south and east, and I might have taken that a bit too literally."

Emma McCrabb

"Growing up I probably showed the most interest in terms of getting out and into it and dad really fostered that. I'm now studying ag [agriculture] at uni and it still hasn't wavered."

Jack Farthing

"When I first got back I was like 'oh God, here we go,' and then once I got into the grind of things I was like, this is the most unreal lifestyle and job I've ever had because when I was over in California I was working at Apple just as an analyst."