Older Parents


Older Parents


EPISODE 33 Tue 20 Sep
How old is too old to have a child?

Meet The Guests

Kevin and Katya King

"I think every day, every year I have is a blessing for Pierre. My main worry is to make sure that if anything happens to me that Katja and Pierre are financially good. We’ve got a beautiful home, everything’s sort of sweet."

Mary Coustas

"I hope that I am one of these ageing people that ages well into their late 80s and can enjoy witnessing her life. But having lost a parent, the wishing that they were around never goes away but the benefits of them don’t either."

Anthea Nicholas

"I was 50 when Nick was born ... My biggest fear was, would I have a healthy child and then would I be around for long enough?"

Eugenie Levine

"I hated people thinking he was my granddad. I hated he wasn’t like anybody else." 

Ozzie Colley

"What was it like having a dad in his 90s?" | "I just don’t have a lot to remember, he passed when I was seven." 

Gino Pecoraro, Obstetrician

"If you are at a stage of life where your life expectancy is very much shortened and you actively take steps to create a child, that’s probably something that people need to discuss."