Older Workers


Older Workers


EPISODE 35 Tue 17 Oct
Are we entering the age of no retirement?

Meet The Guests

Pam Robson, 86

“I had no idea, when I started there 24 years ago [at the pathology lab] … that I would still be there [at 86]. Crazy.”

Sally Carey, 56

“[The employer] said, ‘At your age, what excuse have you got to have been out of the workforce so long? I can't see that here’."    

Carmel Galvin, 80

“I went to see my lady doctor.  She said, ‘You're looking much better, what have you done?’ I said, ‘I've bought a brothel in Kalgoorlie’. She said, ‘My God, I meant for you to do charity work!’”

Mark Holden, 63

“It was the best job in the world and one day I was in and one day I was out…I licked my wounds and then just decided it was time to reinvent myself."

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