Online Gambling


Online Gambling


Internet betting is the fastest growing form of gambling in Australia. 

Meet The Guests

Ben Ezekiel

Ben Ezekiel is a 25-year-old professional punter. He places a minimum of 20 bets per weekend across at least seven different sports around the world. He also bets on elections.

Russell Dennison

Russell Dennison and his two kids are mad St Kilda footy fans. Russell says he recently noticed his seven year old son Ben including betting odds in his drawings and conversations about AFL. Russell is worried about betting advertisements within live broadcasts of the sport, believing it normalises gambling.

Neil Evans

Neil Evans is a former sports journalist and presenter who has been head of media and PR for corporate bookmaker Centrebet for the past five years. He says punters are adopting a trading mentality whereby they bet on live games to top up their investment, or back both sides during the contest, or bet to bail out of trouble. Centrebet was the first licensed bookmaker in the southern hemisphere to offer online sports betting.

Nick Xenophon

Independent South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon is an anti-gambling campaigner and part of the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform. On June 20, he introduced amendments to laws which would allow Australians to reverse credit card transactions with international gambling sites - allowing people to get their money back even after losing bets.

David Schwarz

David Schwarz is a former Melbourne Demons AFL star who says he lost $4 million gambling before quitting in 2005. He says the rise of online gambling means punters don’t have to leave their home to lose big money, and footy players are particularly vulnerable. Schwarz says he’s helping about a dozen AFL players overcome their gambling problems.

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