EPISODE 1 Tue 17 Feb
How much pain can you handle?

Meet The Guests

Ryan Harris

Australian fast bowler: "I'd love to meet a bowler who'd walk out onto the field pain free, I don’t think I’ve met one yet."

Lorimer Moseley

Pain expert: "I think the most powerful shift that we can undergo in our own sense of what pain is, is to let go this of idea of a pain being sent to your brain because that doesn't happen.  There's no such thing as a pain message."

David Martin

Senior sports physiologist at AIS: "With elite athletes, winners are grinners, it’s amazing what (pain) they can cope with, (but) when that dream is over the pain is almost unbearable."

Lesley Brydon

Head of PainAustralia: "Psychological therapies play a major role in pain programs and fortunately we're now starting to see them introduced."

Ryan Kagan

Lost his hand and still feels pain: "The terminology is phantom pain and it's the fact that your limb is still absolutely there, but yet it's nowhere there. It's quite obvious for me I'm missing my right hand."

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