Out of Pocket


Out of Pocket


EPISODE 31 Tue 24 Sep
The number of Aussies signing up for private health cover is declining – and has been for the last three years. Top cover premiums can be expensive, yet private patients are still paying thousands in gap fees. Insight asks: what’s the cost of private healthcare and can we afford it?

Meet The Guests

Karen Coleiro

“I didn’t think there’d be any gap, I thought I’d be covered … I was not having elective surgery, I was having a reconstruction because I had cancer. So, I was shocked when they gave me the quote.”

Sarah Nix

“We purchased a home … and I had built quite a nice nest egg. My husband and I were planning on starting a family. We sold, went down to one car and burnt through all of that because of medical bills, then I had to rely on mum and dad.” 

Kerry Ellis

“We were living hand to mouth … so just a consult was a struggle to make do - let alone $10,000. But all of a sudden, it wasn’t a question, I had to find it.” 

Assoc. Prof. Gino Pecoraro

“One of the most important things [we do as] doctors… is something called informed financial consent and that means that from the first time you go see the doctor that the issue of fees and money is raised. It's uncomfortable but it must be raised.”