Overcoming Loneliness


Overcoming Loneliness


EPISODE 5 Tue 19 Mar
One in four Australians feel lonely at least three days a week, and experts warn this could be our next health epidemic. This week Insight looks at why loneliness is an increasing problem in Australia and hears what is – and isn’t – working to overcome it.

Meet The Guests

Joel Pilgrim

"If you really let someone know your true colours or who you are underneath our outside layers, then are you going to be rejected?"

Casey Donovan

"Growing up or coming into an industry where, you know, trying to make friends is difficult because I didn't know if they wanted to be my friend or they wanted to be Casey Donovan's friend."

Karen Collins

"I should have been really happy. I had an amazing little bundle of joy, I had a great marriage, everything was good, but there … was that just hollow feeling that I was missing out on something."

Ehte Sikander

"I had that loneliness as if I lost something and it use to eat me up inside a lot, you know, what did I do wrong until I realised I wasn't myself."

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