Picture Perfect


Picture Perfect


EPISODE 34 Tue 27 Sep
Are cosmetic procedures being normalised for young people?

Meet The Guests

Kurt Coleman

"I don't have all these things to, you know, make myself look better. I just do it because it's creative to me, it's like just playing around with what you look like."

Rita Abdou

"I feel like it's very empowering to be able to say that yes, this is not 100 per cent me; that I did not wake up like that."

Summer Wilson

"If other people are getting them done, then why not me? Because it's going to help me feel better about myself.

Sarah McMahon, clinical psychologist

"I do think that we have a responsibility to help young people to feel safe in their own skin."

Gemma Kirby

"I looked in the mirror and I had excess skin of a woman I was not proud of any more. I saw her as weak and someone that made bad decisions."


"It made me feel like there was something wrong with me,  like I was abnormal, like I shouldn't look the way I do."

Dr Gazi Hussain

"There are risks associated with any form of cosmetic surgery and before someone undertakes that, they need to be satisfied that those risks are as low as possible and that they're having it done in the best possible environment for themselves."

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