EPISODE 3 Tue 23 Feb
Is your health all in your head?

Meet The Guests

Bryan Lamb

"When I was taking the drug, I felt like Superman… then when you stopped taking the drug… you were essentially just Clark Kent."

Ben Colagiuri

“At a bigger level, we now understand that the thing driving placebo effects is expectancy.”

Lily Bacon

 “I felt completely shammed.” 

David Neil

“When you’re studying the placebo effect … you have to do that with deception. The problem with any trial that involves deception is that you don’t have informed consent.” 

Michelle Wallace

“I was so amazed at the power of the mind … I had the power to stop the bleeding.” 

Dr Charlotte Hespe

"There’s no doubt giving somebody a script with a piece of paper and things to do is incredibly therapeutic."

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