Prenuptial Agreements


Prenuptial Agreements


EPISODE 30 Tue 11 Sep
Who’s getting prenups and how binding are they?

Meet The Guests

Travis Godde

"Having that conversation around [a prenup] actually shows a lot more trust, because you absolutely expose what it is that both of you have coming into it."

Fidan Shevket

"I've been a family lawyer for 15 years, I've accumulated all these properties, I'm a partner in my law firm, I've got a nice portfolio if you like and there's no way I'm going to let anybody make a claim on that. So if I have to pick between relationship and my wealth, I pick my wealth."

Kathy Robinson

"Going into a relationship you have to have trust, if you can't trust your partner then who you can you trust really?"

Paul Doolan

"You also get sick of people coming in to see you and saying 'Paul, I just want something that's fair, I just want you to draft something that's fair'. And there's a legal term for that which is bullshit."