Preventing Bowel Cancer


Preventing Bowel Cancer


EPISODE 9 Tue 16 Apr
Bowel cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer, with 5,597 Australians expected to die from it this year. But it’s also treatable if found early, and could be prevented with a healthier lifestyle. Why are so many Australians being diagnosed with bowel cancer? And how can you prevent it?

Meet The Guests

Karthikeyan Krishnan

“The disgust of poking your own poo is much, much easier than what I’ve been through now … they've gutted me like a fish from top to bottom."

Amanda Brooke-Pestell

“There are a lot more younger bowel cancer patients these days and … because there is this attitude I think by the medical profession that it is older people who are affected by (bowel cancer), it's just not even considered.”

Emma Barrance

“If I Google ‘bowel cancer’ I would be ‘tick, tick, tick, tick’. Overweight, drank too much, ate too much red meat, had too much processed food, yeah, I fit all of those criteria.”

Rodney Bukuya

“I worked hard, lived hard, partied hard, ate everything I wanted, thinking I could exercise away all these bad habits and then when the symptoms showed up… I ignored them. I was an idiot.”

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