Promised Brides


Promised Brides


EPISODE 13 Tue 14 May
In the 1950s, 60s and 70s thousands of women from Greece and Italy crossed the world by boat to marry a man from their homeland who’d already migrated to Australia. These promised brides had usually only seen a photo of the groom before making the decision to marry a stranger.

Meet The Guests

Tina Frossynos

"I ask Auntie, you got a nice man for me? She said you go to Australia? I never hear of Australia! I said yes. I don’t know who he was."

Vassilis Minas

"The photo impressed me very much, she was a beautiful girl, no question about it. They send other photographs but I send them back. When I saw this one here, I said yes, send her over!"

Rosa Gialopouli

"He's so nice in the photo, when we met I say 'why you not nice in real life?' He didn’t bring me flowers, 'why you not bring me flowers?'"

Carmela Rocca

"I was happy to meet him but at the same time I felt like a stranger."

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