Puppy Love


Puppy Love


EPISODE 24 Tue 21 Jul
Does your dog love you?

Meet The Guests

Jay Lee

Dog lover and dog fashion line entrepreneur talking about his poodle, "Noodle": "He loves doggie day care, they have doggie cam so you can log-on  and I can see him having so much fun running around with a bunch of other dogs."

Debra Kruz

Dog lover and breeder: "Tuba was the love of my life. He died in 2012. I know he’s not alive, I know he’s stuffed."

Jennifer Critelli

Dog lover and dance instructor: "With Tinkie, I have a dance studio and I’ll leave her with some of the other teachers and they all say: Oh she was a big sook while you were gone."

Liz Arnott

Veterinarian and researcher: "(Dogs have) been bred and raised to be highly socialised species so they’re acutely in tune to our behaviour as well."

Bradley Smith

Psychologist and animal behaviourist: "Dogs are good human manipulators, they basically have nothing else better to do all day than observe our behaviours."