Pushing for Success


Pushing for Success


EPISODE 6 Tue 25 Mar
"My mum said 'do you want to be mediocre or do you want to be great?' I was seven." - Wenee Yap

Meet The Guests

Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee says that from a young age, her parents told her she had three career choices – doctor, dentist or lawyer. She got into med school, but after four years dropped out to pursue a career in acting and writing. Nicole says her parents were devastated and, five years on, her dad still calls her a failure. She says she’s still not sure what being "successful" means.

Rebekka Tuqiri

Rebekka Tuqiri is a psychologist who holds stress management seminars for students competing Year 12. She says pressure is good when it's motivating, but too much is damaging and the brain won't perform well. She says students often approach her quite teary after her seminars and many are feeling a lot of anxiety.

Leisel Jones

Australian swimming legend Leisel Jones sacrificed a lot for Olympic gold. She says that you have to give up almost everything in your life to win, and it’s a lonely journey to the top. Anything less than gold wasn’t  good enough for her - coming in fourth place was devastating, especially when she had invested so much self-worth in the outcome.

Gabriella Da Silva Fick & her father Anthony Fick

Gabriella Da Silva Fick, 13, is a rising tennis player who was scouted by Tennis Australia and won the Under 12 National Tennis Tournament last year. She trains twice daily, before and after school. Her father, Anthony, admits he pushes her. Gabriella accepts she has to make sacrifices to get to the top – her idol, Federer, would have done the same.

Wenee Yap

When Wenee was seven years old and had a poor report card from school, her mother asked her "do you want to be mediocre or do you want to be great". Wenee has never forgotten that moment. She says she's glad her mother pushed her because children don't have their own drive and determination.

Navjot & Avleen Singh

Navjot Singh believes it's very important that her 15-year-old daughter, Avleen, succeeds academically, as this is the key to a good career. Avleen has had Maths and English tutoring since primary school, and does three hours of homework every day with her mother at her side. Avleen stopped doing sport so she could focus on her studies, and is only allowed to have friends who are also doing well at school. Navjot hopes that her daughter will be able to do a triple degree in engineering.

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