Rape on Trial


Rape on Trial


EPISODE 3 Tue 27 Feb
While the process can be traumatising, changes to the legal system have made it easier to go through it in some cases, but often the cross examination process is a reason why some rape victims never want to see the inside of a court room.

Meet The Guests


“I said to one of the police officers, ‘Has [our daughter] been raped?’ And he very quietly but very directly said, ‘Yes,’ and both of us were distraught.”


“I imagine justice to be something where it's impartial and people are treated equally…[but] it's not about truth, it's about what truth they would allow or permit to be presented to the jurors, and it's very much leaning towards the perpetrator.”


“His lawyer was doing his job…but it doesn't take away the memories of feeling belittled and like I was an inch tall.”

John Desmond

“My role as defence counsel is to test the evidence. [We] have one person saying it did happen, the accused is saying it didn't happen, that's a confrontation. That confrontation must occur.”