Reading Between the Lines


Reading Between the Lines


EPISODE 29 Tue 23 Aug
Why do so many Australians have poor literacy?

Meet The Guests

Jack Coenen

"I wouldn’t wish [low literacy] on my worst enemy. It’s been a nightmare." 

Cynthia Brooke

Jenny Brockie: What prompted you to get help? | Cynthia: My son… I didn’t want him to think that, you know, I couldn’t help him with his homework. 


“I was skipping school because, what’s the point of being at school when they’re not going to help me?”

Mark Hopkins

“I’m just always paranoid that somebody’s going to find out and have a go at you … I’ve improved a lot but I still have that sort of fear in me.”

Trina Johnson

“I’d ask for help and … I’d get pushed aside. So I thought well, instead of me getting picked on, I’ll be the bully.”

Jack Beetson

“The government is talking about a gap. Aboriginal people are talking about a crater that superman can’t jump over … You will close nothing unless you actually address the issue of literacy.”