Religion in the Classroom


Religion in the Classroom


Is there still room for God in the classroom?

Meet The Guests

Angela Robertson

Angela is a mother of two from Sydney and is  one of the volunteer ethics teachers at Crown Street Public School. Crown Street Public is one of 10 primary schools in NSW that is part of a trial where kids who don’t go to scripture class learn ethics instead. Angela says it breaks her heart that there is no alternative for children who don’t do scripture.

Bishop Glenn Davies

Dr. Glenn Davies is the Anglican Bishop of North Sydney. Glenn is against the ethics trial because he thinks it should be covered in the main curriculum. He thinks that the NSW government has been unethical letting this trial go ahead.

Mazen Fahme

Mazen Fahme organises Islamic Special Religious Education in NSW. Mazen says there are 20,000 kids being taught Islamic scripture at the moment but currently demand still outstrips supply.

Lheana Gavagna

Lheana is a mother of two from Canberra, ACT. After two and half years teaching 'World Religions and Beliefs’ to the non-religious students at her kids’ school, Lheana says she was shut down by the Department of Education NSW because she was not part of an authorised religious group.

Shizuka Stack-Tago

Shizuka is in Year 6 at Crown Street Public School and is in the ethics class being trialled at her school. Shizuka says she likes the ethics class because it relates to real life situations and she gets to have a say.

Ann Maree Whenman

Ann Maree represents the Catholic Church as well as being the chair of ICCOREIS – the body which oversees Christian religious education in government schools in NSW. Both ICCOREIS and the Catholic Church are opposed to the Ethics class trial. Ann Maree believes a suitable alternative should be found for those children who opt out of scripture but that it should not be a formal class and it should not be ethics.

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