Saving Health


Saving Health


EPISODE 2 Tue 24 Feb
It’s the conversation that doctors and patients want to have, but many politicians are avoiding – how do we create a patient-focused healthcare system?

Meet The Guests

Carly Stewart

"I have very clear memories of hiding in the toilet with my son's file because they (doctors) didn't like you to look at it."

Charlotte Hespe

General practitioner: "One of the big barriers has not been the willingness or the desire to share, it's been the bureaucratic red tape."

John Dwyer

Immunologist and Professor of Medicine: "We do not have a patient focused health care system."

Stephen Duckett

Economist and Health Program Director at the Grattan Institute: "(The waste in the system is about) 6 or 7 billion dollars."

Terry Barnes

Public policy consultant and former adviser to two federal health ministers: "What has really frustrated me is that the debate about the co-payment has absolutely swamped the tougher conversation that we should be having about how the system should be working, how it should be financed, how people should get access to it."