Screens at School


Screens at School


EPISODE 17 Tue 5 Jun
How are schools grappling with screens?

Meet The Guests


“They're just too distracting, that's my personal opinion. There's just too many things that you can do instead of work, it's too easy just to switch off and do something instead on the laptop.”


“I find using computers is really preparing us for the future. In this generation we are going to start using technology in many other job opportunities.  Technology in classrooms is the first step to getting us prepared.”

Kristy Goodwin

“We have seen a huge surge in rates of myopia, both in young children, adolescents and adults. Screens can be a contributing factor, sunlight is what the eye needs to develop.”

Emily Hehir

“Students are addicted to phones. Phones are constantly checked, phones are being used … They dilute attention, they take attention away from a capacity to have a sustained discussion or conversation.”