EPISODE 35 Tue 13 Oct
How much more can we use our senses?

Meet The Guests

Julee-anne Bell

Julee-anne Bell is the Managing Director for World Access for the Blind, Australia. "I was using a fairly simple and yet quite sophisticated form of echolocation."

Tom Hawthorne

"Every time a rainbow comes out it’s like 50 shades of grey!"

Catherine Strutt

"So for every letter and number, we see a colour."

Prof Jason Mattingley, University of Queensland

"We can’t tell between any two of us whether we’re seeing the world in the same way."

David Alais, University of Sydney

"There’s a lot of brain space dedicated just to seeing. For most of us, it turns out to be our most dominant sense."

Sebastian Crowther, Master Sommelier

"I think with wine tasting it’s something that over time, you just become more confident in your own senses and your own ability to taste and perceive things."

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