Sex and Disability


Sex and Disability


EPISODE 10 Tue 12 Apr
How do you negotiate sex with a serious disability?

Meet The Guests

Dr Kerry Arrow

Clinical psychologist
"There's a perception that either people with disabilities are asexual or that they're overtly sexual.”

David and Jenni Heckendorf

“In theory, [having assistance from a sex worker] is great. In practice, it took a lot of debriefing and reflection, finding a morality that didn't destroy our sanctity of the marriage.”

Kelly Vincent MLC

Dignity for Disability Party, SA
“There’s certainly a lot of debate going on here in South Australia about whether in the event that sex work was decriminalised, whether people with disabilities would be able to use their funding for these types of services.”

Rachel Wotton

Sex worker
“There's lots of ways to get informed consent ... you're always giving verbal and non-verbal communication and consent to what you like and what you don't like, and that's the same with my clients [with disabilities] as well.”

Liz Dore

Relationships counsellor
“People haven't taught them about good sex, bad sex, masturbation in private in a way that they understand. We do it for reading, we do it for maths, we do it for travel training, why not for ways to satisfy your sexual feelings safely and privately?"

Vaughan Akinin and Marina Tadej-Akinin

Marina: I adore children and we’re practicing at the moment. | Jenny: You’re really hoping this will happen soon, yeah? | Marina: Yes, I hope in the next year or two. | Vaughn: Good try. 

Kerry Stubbs

Northcott Disability Services
“People with a disability are adults who have rights to make choices about their lives. They can make good choices, they can make bad choices according to their own set of moral codes and if it's legal, they're entitled to make those choices. It's not up to us to decide what their choices should be.”

Moreen Lyons

Whistleblower, Yooralla
“Staff and people in positions of authority and a duty of trust and care were grooming disabled people … to become their personal sexual partners. And when these matters first came to light, they weren't dealt with appropriately. They were viewed as simply perhaps a bit of inappropriate sexual harassment.”