EPISODE 33 Tue 29 Sep
What can be done to prevent more shark attacks?

Meet The Guests

Craig Ison

"He was heading like a missile, just straight at me, all I could see was his teeth."

Darren Rogers

"It just went from beautiful to within the next couple of minutes, your worst nightmare."

Don Munro

"There’s no real enjoyment even when we are surfing because the only thing we’re thinking about at the time is, is there a shark under us?"

Monica Schweickle

Psychologist: "I think a lot of people have become really hyper vigilant, it’s a really normal response to trauma."

David Wright

Ballina Mayor: "Our shire is a beautiful place …I’ve never worried about sharks. And since February it’s in everyone’s mind."

Georgie Latimer

Helicopter pilot: "Anywhere from one to three or four sharks, quite in close to the beaches, just behind the breakers."

Jann Gilbert

Marine ecologist: "It’s a worldwide trend that populations of sharks have declined, not increased."

Jebez Reitman

"That’s when I felt my ribs and there was no flesh there and I was just, that’s when I realised that it was a shark attack."

Dr Paul Butcher

Department of Primary Industries NSW: "White sharks feed throughout the day, and in clear water and at night as well…we’re at risk the entire time."

Assoc Prof Nathan Hart

Shark biologist: "We understand so little about sharks in general."

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