EPISODE 1 Tue 14 Feb
Why are more people single? Is it choice or circumstance?

Meet The Guests

Jillian Bichara

“I like that I have my choices, my freedom, my independence. I’m not controlled. I live and breathe for every moment and I’m not suffocated by toxic relationships.”


“I think we’ve reached the stage now that we can choose exactly the type of person we’re wanting and if you’re not 100 per cent happy you don’t have to settle.”

Amber Passau

"I had a very toxic, abusive relationship for about four years, that’s why I decided to be single for some time. It’s probably why I am still single."

Warren Giffin

“I did want all of that relationship with marriage and children, it didn’t come my way for various reasons. But I let that go and I’ve just never been happier.“

Allison Norris

“I’ve seen people swipe on my dates and they were pretty open about it.”

Dr Imaan Joshi

“The lack of companionship, the lack of having somebody to share life with, the lack of having somebody take an interest in my life, somebody to reach out to and say, 'Hey, I’ve had a really rough day, what about you?'"

Polly Mason

“I want to be single for the rest of my life, that’s my plan.”

Cate Migliaccio

“I’m happy, I live my life without compromise, I love it and have no intention of ever living with somebody.”

Thomas Materia

“I see myself being single until the right person comes along. I’m almost clinical in that sense that the first date I’m trying to ask them some set questions I’ve got in my head.“

Hugh Mackay - Social researcher

Social researcher
“If you’re living alone that doesn’t mean you’re lonely but it does mean the risk of loneliness is increased especially if you don’t choose to be living alone.”